Honey for a sweet life.
A broom to sweep away evil.
Salt for a life full of flavour.
A blue bird for good luck.




A Lover's Rendezvous...

Her coffee is getting cold as she waits for him,
While his cigarettes are running one after another, as he hastens to see her…






Life is not a sprint; it is a marathon. We learn who we are through relationships. A labyrinth of sorts, it is not an easy journey. You learn which rules you are willing to break and you learn to make up new ones along the way. More than anything, it is about becoming your own person.

Someone once asked me, “What is home to you?” Listening to what my heart tells me, I answered, “Relationship is my home.”

I believe it’s true of what they say – Home is where the heart is.

The dreams we hold of our life is unique for each person. When I wake up in the morning I don’t think about slipping into a suit and going to the office, worshipping at the feet of Mammon or chasing a career. I think about writing articles, reading, healing, dancing, smelling the flowers and doing things that nurture my soul’s longings.

Home is pretty much a road paved with yellow bricks that leads to the Wizard of Oz with a single power – to convey the lesson that power lies within.

Home exists in the arms of the one you love or it can be found inside the seeking of truth.

Home is intellect, courage and heart accompanying you on your life journey in the form of loved ones and friends.

Home is the relationship you form with yourself. It is what it is. Be who you are. Be what you will be.

As for me, I’m on my way home.

Dedicated to JA…
If I know what love is, it is because of you and because of love I know who I am.

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos…


A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos…

Sadness came to visit and have lingered. Soon, I know she will be but a distant memory. I am a mess of gorgeous chaos. You see it in my eyes, in my soul.

There’s been so much anguish. I’ve watched people in my life go through things that should have shattered them, only to come out as a better and much stronger person in the end. I’ve watched them struggle to find peace, conviction and eventually finding it. That’s why I still have my faith.

I’ve watched plenty of relationships fall apart, I’ve seen hearts break and tears shed, and I’ve also seen people change because they lost the reason to rely on the person they cared about. But amidst all of that pain and loss, I’ve seen the love between two people remain stronger than any bond in the world, even through all of the storms that were thrown their way. That’s why I still believe in love.

I’ve seen horrible and terrifying things happen to people. I’ve seen death come in and wreck worlds, leaving behind an ocean of tears and a puddle of broken dreams. Loved ones left behind struggling to go on with their lives.

I’ve seen sociopath look into the eyes of people they profess to love; manipulate and wreck their lives; all while they wore the look of innocence on their face. But amidst all of this, I’ve witnessed lives being rebuilt by the hands of angels dressed in the clothes of everyday people, the ones we pass on the street without a second glance. That’s why I still believe in this world.

Life isn’t about the heartbreaks and the moments of giving into fear. It isn’t about counting the number of scars and remembering them time and time again. Instead, it is about finding the moments when you wouldn’t mind if you were frozen in it forever. It is about moments of joy when you forget about all of the tears you’ve shed and all the pieces of your heart that were lost somewhere in the past. It is about the kisses that stop time and cause your heart to skip a beat. It is about waking up to the love of your life each morning and feeling like you are seeing them for the first time. It is about living in the present, not in the past or the future.

It is true that many people loose their shine when they grow older. Most people have learned to not live in the here and now. It’s either the past or the future. I think what we all want is – we want to feel alive. We want to feel like part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to care about something or someone that excites us, intrigues us, and challenges us to reach deep down and be the people we know we can be. There is no journey like the ones we choose, literally step by step, outside our doors, out of our heads, and guided by our hearts. I don’t know yet what’s in store for me, beyond the world of written words.

We may not have an exact plan; except for now, to start that journey together – to wade into a world of discovery prepared for all the excitement and uncertainty that comes with doing and growing; and loving – supporting hopes, supporting dreams.


We are all MH370


We are all MH370

Today and the next days, we will mourn with the families of MH370.

Nothing can match their grief, but nevertheless we share them. May there be days of kindness, gentleness and compassion, for only love can heal the terrible wounds in our hearts. Our prayers to those departed and the families, loved ones they leave behind. May God rest their souls and may our hearts be blessed with strength, and a merciful balm to get through this pain and tragedy.

We are all MH370.